Why Boudoir?

Boudoir photography inspires me. To capture the beauty and individuality of each person. To create images that will wow and thrill my clients. Through boudoir photography, I aim to empower women (and men) to have a body-positive view of themselves by showcasing the beauty of who they are NOW. Feeling sexy and loving yourself should never wait.

I’m a very active person. I hike, lift weights, go for midday walks, I love to dance… moving my body is important because it puts me in the here and now. Our bodies carry us through this lifetime. I see boudoir photography as a way to showcase your body and personality. I want you to get into your body and into the moment and feel good! 

What is Boudoir? 

Boudoir photography is a type of photography that showcases the human figure through the use of light, posing and your personality. Boudoir photography is “suggestive” in nature and can often be described as “sexy”. However, your level of comfort determines the outcome of a session.

Boudoir sessions take on many different forms. From dark and mysterious to bright and chic, slightly revealing to very revealing, your session can be anything you want. Want to show off a cute new dress? Have some new lingerie and shoes you’re dying to pair together? Want to be raw and create images full of emotion? This is YOUR session.

My philosophy

We are all human, and as humans sexuality should be expressed. We shouldn’t put off celebrating this aspect of self. There are endless reasons why you shouldn’t do book a session right now, BUT there are also endless reasons why you should!

I’m personally someone who has struggled with body-image my entire adult life. I’ve put off celebrating who I am RIGHT NOW a lot throughout my life. Until about age 27, when I decided enough is enough and started to own who I was–flaws and all! It made me a lot happier. I’ve also been on the other side of the lens as a boudoir client and loved every moment of it!

I want to help you feel beautiful, sexy and empowered. If there’s one shred of you that can feel good about doing a boudoir session, I want to make that happen for you! If you’re like… “oh! I’m ready to own all of me and I want you to capture it!”…I’d like to work with you too 🙂

Sessions start at $450 and include a pre-shoot consultation and wardrobe coordination, a 1-1.5 hour shoot, and online viewing gallery and 30 edited images. Options for a “lookbook” and hair & makeup packages available. 

What’s next? …