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Boudoir Mini-Session Experience
Sunday, November 10th

Get Real.
Get Raw.
Strip away fear
and step into your power with a boudoir mini-session on 11/10! 

We as women are expected to be everything to everyone. We grow, deliver and raise children. We nurture relationships with lovers, family and friends. We care for those we love with our hearts and souls. We work long hours and then put in time at home too. We skip self-care to do the dishes or run errands. We make necessary sacrifices to ensure that those we love are taken care of, healthy and thriving.

But what about us? Are we thriving?

Maybe you just had a baby and you are having a hard time coping with your post baby body. Or you lost weight last year and put it back on this year (this is me). You look in the mirror and you don’t love what you see. You analyze every negative trait about yourself to the point that you just want to hide.

I’ve been there. It sucks. I’ve bought clothes too big for me because I wanted to hide my belly. I don’t buy certain types of clothes that will show parts of my body that I don’t love. I put off pleasure for work ALL THE TIME and struggle to keep myself in the present. If this is you, I FEEL YOU, SISTER.

So here’s what I’m thinking…

How about being everything for ourselves FIRST?

Caring for ourselves.
Mothering our hearts.
Loving our bodies.
Protecting our time.
Taking space from the noise.
Saying yes to pleasure.
Saying no to those things that no longer serve us.
Bossing up in our work.
Moving ourselves closer to our dreams.
Owning our power as women to be the change that we want to see in the world.

Seriously. We as women have so much power, influence and LOVE to share. Love that will heal. Love that will inspire you to grow. Love that will root this world in a better tomorrow.

I’d like to invite you TODAY to say YES to loving the shit out of yourself. Say yes to a fun event where you feel 100% YOU. Where you say yes to being sexy, powerful and showering yourself with radical self-love.

What’s the resistance? That roll on your tummy? The jiggle on your arm? The fact that you haven’t done XYZ yet?

Naw. Hell to the naw.

You’re beautiful and you are powerful just as you are RIGHT. NOW. See your tummy and love every curve. Love those stretch marks because you have grown. Love yourself today because no one is able to love you like you love you. (woah. Say that three times fast.)

No one is able to love you like you love you.

So I’m going to invite you to love you like no one else can. By loving your body. By loving your sensuality. By loving the way you express yourself. I’m inviting you to be that expressive woman that you keep tamed all the time. Let’s get into it!

Boudoir Mini-Session Experience:
Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Join me and two other badass women as we create the space for you to step into your authentic expression, your sexuality, and you loving the shit out of your body.

Hosted by the high vibe Courtney Pearce at her High Country home with hair and makeup by the super love-filled and energetic Katie Warner of Thairapy Hair Studio and photos by me 😉 — your photographer, who wants to empower you as we co-create some badass photos and bring some super sensual energy to the season. We are going to create an unforgettable experience where you can step into all things you for a day. 

At my fall boudoir mini-sessions, you’re going to be surrounded by other women who are also there to shed some love (and some clothes). 

What’s Included:

  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • 45 min Session
  • Two looks (one outfit change)
  • 30 edited Images
  • Refreshments
  • The company of some other bomb-ass women!

So…will you join me?

$349 + tax*

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Lookbooks & Minis

Want to surprise your partner with your session images? Or just treat yo’self to a little something extra? What a better way than a lookbook or accordion mini!

Lookbooks are hardcover, 5″x5″ and include 10 pages/5 spreads. Several cover options are available as well as debossing or foil stamping. Lookbooks come with 2 revisions.

Accordion minis are cute little 3″x3″ books with 10 panels/images. You get two (one for you and one for your boo) to keep! SO. MUCH. FUN.

Questions, ideas, inspiration, fears, concerns, thoughts?
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