Boone Boudoir | Boudoir Photographer in Boone, NCWelcome! Thank you so much for visiting my site. My name is Ashley and I’m a photographer based out of Boone, NC. I shoot weddings and boudoir photography and work throughout the NC High Country. When I’m not shooting, you can find me out hiking or tubing during the summer or cuddled up on the sofa with my boyfriend and pit bull during the winter.

Things you’ll learn about me in the first five minutes of meeting:

I’m from right outside of New Orleans, LA.
I love coffee.
I like to make new friends.
I value art, music and time off as much as I value my work.
I recharge by being outside.

People ask me “how long have you been a photographer?”. My answer is… I’ve always been a photographer. Several years back during a move, my dad brought me boxes of notes and letters from my middle school and high school years. I was shocked to see that the boxes were mostly filled with photographs. I’ve always been taking photos.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2013. I graduated from UNC-CH in 2011 with a degree in Fine Art & Art History with a concentration in fine art film photography. I still shoot film, and it’s my darling. You can see my other professional photography work on my wedding portfolio website naturalcraftphotography.com.

I like to get to know others and I love collaborating with other artists and clients.  I want to hear your ideas, thoughts and questions about a boudoir session. If you’re ready to express this part of who you are, then let’s make that dream a reality. 

You can reach me via my contact page or by emailing me at ashley@booneboudoir.com.